Black Liquid Funeral

I forgot I have this thing. This'll probably be the last time I ever use it.

New band project -

Started last year, then split up for almost a year, then back together. Only single guitar demo tracks up at the moment. Once we get a drummer and bassist we don't end up firing, there will be more.

I can now be found at (I'm listed under Michael lacey).

Alright, I am never going to use stupid livejournal ever again lol.

I Sent Concentration Camp Footage to American's Funniest Home Videos

The Force Unleashed would be an awesome game if a team of retarded chimps weren't in charge of programming the camera controls. And I love how you have to land on a totally flat surface after a fall/jump, or you'll slide off whatever it is, even if 95% of your body is on the flat surface. I also absolutely adore that I can deflect and dodge hundreds of laser blasts at the same time, yet when some plump little bitch with a baton runs up to me while I am doing this, he can gently tap me with his stick and everything goes to shit. Not to mention that Jawas with grenades suck a fatty.

But crumpling an AT-ST like it was a 5-year-old's first attempt at oragami, after lifting it in the air, makes me a happy invalid ^^

"I can kill you with my brain."

First person who knows where this quote is from that isn't from Montana wins a prize. A really shitty prize.


Oh yeah... Valium withdrawal sucks bad. Next month is Adderall withdrawal (hurray for amphetimines). After that, I may have to check into a hospital and detox from the three other meds I am on. My new psychiatrist wants to start from scratch, or see if I do any better without meds, since most times I've altered or changed my meds I've been fucked in the head for weeks/months. At this point, I'm ready to give that a shot. I'm sick of pills anyway.
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Life was better when Satan was involved.

I also caught Mewtwo today, and he has a good nature and IVs! Time to start cloning, then trading for favors >.>